How to Maximize A/C Efficiency

How to Maximize A/C Efficiency

How to Maximize A/C Efficiency | PowersThe efficiency of your air conditioner significantly affects how well the system cools your home as well as how much it costs to produce that cooling. By taking some or all of the following steps to increase air conditioner efficiency this summer, you can have a cool, comfortable home for less money.

  • Change the filters — Air conditioner filters help keep your indoor air clean by trapping dust, pollen, fibers, and other particulates. When filters get dirty and clogged, they can’t do this job anymore, and the resulting airflow restrictions reduce system efficiency. Check filters at least once a month and change them if they’re dirty.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance — Call your local trusted HVAC professional and schedule a preventive maintenance appointment. Regular maintenance ensures the cooling system is tuned up and ready to perform at its best throughout the summertime. You’ll get better performance and efficiency along with an extended service life.
  • Seal HVAC system ductwork — Ductwork is the distribution network of pipes that carries cool air from your A/C to the inside areas of your home. If there are leaks, loose sections, or other problems in the ducts, then air can escape. Your air conditioner will have to work harder to make up for the lost air, wasting energy and money. Ensure all ductwork sections are fitted tightly together. Seal connections with mastic or with metal tape to prevent air leaks.
  • Turn on ceiling fans Ceiling fans produce a steady stream of air that can help keep you cool. With these fans providing extra cooling, you’ll be able to run your A/C at a lower level and still be comfortable. Remember that the drafts created by ceiling fans also help recirculate cool air that tends to gather near the floor. Make sure the fan is set to direct airflow downward.

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