On or Auto: Which is the Better Thermostat Setting for Your Peachtree City Home?

On or Auto: Which is the Better Thermostat Setting for Your Peachtree City Home?

On or Auto: Which is the Better Thermostat Setting for Your Peachtree City Home? | PowersThermostats are usually good about taking the guesswork out of your HVAC system settings. All you have to do is put the temperature where you want it, and you get cool air on demand. There is one thermostat setting that’s a little more confusing. Many homeowners don’t know what to do with it.

The “on” or “auto” setting for your fan is designed to give you a simple option: either run the fan for your HVAC system constantly if you choose “on,” or only run it when needed if you choose “auto.” Most people assume that auto is the best selection. There’s a lot of truth to that assumption, but in some cases, you might be better off leaving the fan on the “on” thermostat setting. Here’s how to decide:

Think about how important air quality is to you.

For homes with allergy sufferers or people with respiratory problems, having high indoor air quality with fewer allergens and pollutants might be a high priority. For others, the air quality in their home may be fine as it is.

If you prioritize air quality, leaving your fan “on” all the time is a good solution. When the fan is constantly running, it continuously pulls air through your air filter or UV air filtration system. This means that more allergens, dust, and pollution are removed from the air. It does come at a cost, however. The more your air filter is used, the more often it has to be replaced.

Think about how important a constant indoor temperature is to you.

Preventing fluctuations in your home’s temperature not only keeps your family more comfortable, but it also helps prevent humidity problems.

When the fan is constantly “on” and air is always moving, you avoid “hot spots” and “cold spots” throughout your house.

Think about how important energy costs are to you.

When your fan shuts off “auto”-matically if it’s not needed, you use less energy than when it’s always “on.”

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