Do You Need to Change Your Air Filter More Frequently During Summer?

Do You Need to Change Your Air Filter More Frequently During Summer?

Do You Need to Change Your Air Filter More Frequently During Summer?This question mainly depends on climate and geography. The farther north you live, the more months in a year your forced-air heating system will need to operate. In most of the South, however, air conditioning runs longer and more intensely than heating systems do in the winter. The requirement to check and change an air filter is directly related to usage. If the cooling or heating system is running constantly, the filter needs to be checked more frequently. If it’s seasonally mild outside, your HVAC system won’t operate as much, and as a result the filter shouldn’t need to be changed as frequently.

Here in the Atlanta area, it does get cold in the winter, and folks still heat their homes for a few months, though not nearly as much as northern states. So it’s a good idea to get into a routine during the heating season of checking the air filter every month or two. When summer hits, and the A/C begins working overtime to cool and dry indoor air, make sure filter checks happen no less than once a month.

If you let the HVAC filter get clogged in any season, it can have a number of negative effects on both energy efficiency and performance, as well as indoor air quality. When the filter is blocked by dust and debris, the blower or air handler must work harder to push air through the equipment and then throughout the house. This strains the equipment and wastes energy. It also results in longer heating and cooling cycles. Finally, a dirty air filter can result in dust and dirt particles settling on sensitive cooling and heating system components, which results in wasted energy and the other aforementioned adverse effects.

Make sure you select an HVAC filter that’s rated for removing a high percentage of airborne contaminants, including tiny particles of pollen, dander, mold spores and dust mites, among others.

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