Should You Consider an HVAC Maintenance Contract?

Should You Consider an HVAC Maintenance Contract?

Should You Consider an HVAC Maintenance Contract? | PowersThe HVAC system contains some of your home’s most costly and important equipment, and you need to ensure it gets timely, professional care to keep it in the best possible operating condition. If remembering to schedule preventive care visits is a concern, signing an annual maintenance contract is something you should seriously consider. Not only will you get helpful reminders about routine system checkups, but maintenance contracts also offer you a number of other key benefits, such as:

  • Preserved efficiency — Neglecting regular maintenance can result in a decline in your HVAC equipment’s efficiency of up to five percent a year. Making sure the system gets a tuneup and cleaning twice a year with a maintenance agreement can stop or even reverse these efficiency losses and help you save money on your utility bills.
  • Fewer big repair bills — Semi-annual routine maintenance appointments give your HVAC pro an ideal opportunity to find and bring any developing problems to your attention, so they can be dealt with before they get bad enough to cause a component breakdown that leaves you facing a big repair bill.
  • Improved reliability — Twice a year inspections, tuneups and cleanings and fixing minor issues promptly enhance the reliability of your comfort equipment, even when it’s under the most strain at the peak of the season. With a maintenance contract in place, you’re less likely to face the headache and expense of a mid-season equipment breakdown or failure.
  • Prolonged service life — Mechanical equipment like your HVAC components tend to reach or surpass the average expected lifespan of similar units when they’re well cared for and properly maintained.
  • Ensured warranty compliance — HVAC manufacturers typically require proof that equipment has been professionally maintained before they’ll approve a warranty claim for a failed component.
  • Greater peace of mind — If a breakdown occurs or a problem crops up while your HVAC system is under a maintenance contract, you can rest easy knowing you’ll receive prompt customer service along with an expert diagnosis and repair.

To learn more about the benefits of maintenance contracts, contact the Peachtree City home comfort pros at Powers Heating & Air.

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