Repair vs. Replace: Questions to Consider

Repair vs. Replace: Questions to Consider

Repair vs. Replace: Questions to ConsiderIf you’ve had your cooling or heating system for many years, you’ll reach a point when it begins struggling to provide comfort in your home. It may be a matter of declining efficiency, eroding performance, frequent breakdowns, or a combination of these issues. This is when you have to decide whether to repair or replace your HVAC system. To figure out which option makes the most sense, ask yourself the following questions:

How long have you had your HVAC system? A/Cs, furnaces, heat pumps and other HVAC systems aren’t intended to work forever; they have finite service lives. A combustion furnace typically should run for 15-20 years, while a central A/C or heat pump might be expected to last 12-15 years. If your system is reaching these benchmarks, and is starting to struggle or break down, you probably need to replace it.

Are other factors affecting longevity? Climate directly relates to how hard a cooling or heating system works. In a Northern climate, a furnace will get a lot more work than an A/C, and probably will age more quickly. The opposite happens in the South, where furnaces and other heating systems can be expected to last longer than in Northern climates. Poor maintenance also can reduce the service life of an HVAC system. This includes inconsistent or inadequate air-filter changes.

Is your system breaking down frequently? As with any mechanical systems, HVAC systems will begin malfunctioning as they get closer to the end of their life. If you find yourself scheduling service on an aging furnace or A/C more than twice a in a year, it’s time to consider replacing it.

Is your older system’s performance and efficiency deteriorating? If rooms that used to be comfortable are feeling chilly in the winter or warm in the summer, or your utility bills are rising, consider replacement with a new high-efficiency system. The lower energy bills will begin paying back your investment immediately.

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