Keeping Your Windows Well-Maintained

Keeping Your Windows Well-Maintained

Keeping Your Windows Well-MaintainedWhen trying to make their homes more energy-efficient, many homeowners look at changing their HVAC system. This is an effective solution, but it isn’t the only area that you can address to see savings.


A surprising amount of energy is lost through a home’s windows. This is especially true in older homes and homes where the windows haven’t been properly sealed. By making some simple repairs and changes, you can improve your home’s energy-efficiency and reduce your utility bills.

New Windows

Of course, the biggest change you can make is to replace your windows with more energy-efficient models. You can look at various options and compare EnergyStar ratings to help you pick the most efficient windows for your needs.

Storm Windows

If new windows aren’t in your budget or you simply don’t want to replace your existing windows, installing storm windows can be a good alternative. The category of “storm windows” covers many different products, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that fits your home and budget.

A key point with storm windows is to make sure they are installed properly. If they’re hung off-square or not sealed to the existing window, you won’t see much improvement in your energy consumption.

Fixing Your Windows

A third option is to fix the windows you already have.

Since air leaks are a major source of energy loss, finding and sealing those leaks is imperative. A simple way to find leaks is to shut off all HVAC equipment or fans in your home on a windy day. Light an incense stick and hold it near different spots on your window frames and around areas where your windows open. If you have a leak, you should see the incense smoke being blown by the air that’s creeping in.


Caulk will take care of leaks in your window frame. Weatherstripping will solve leaks around the openable parts of your windows. Both products are inexpensive and easy even for a novice DIY-er to use.


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