What’s the Deal With Smart HVAC Systems?

What’s the Deal With Smart HVAC Systems?

What's the Deal With Smart HVAC Systems?Smart systems are gaining in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. But is a smart HVAC system worth the investment? Opinions differ, but it’s worth it to keep in mind that many different systems in your home can be upgraded to be a bit smarter, and that you’ll reap benefits in home comfort as well as ongoing energy savings. Consider these upgrades for a taste of what smart systems can offer you:

  • Smart thermostats combine the scheduling power of programmable thermostats with additional awareness and convenience. A smart thermostat may learn your preferred schedule on its own as you adjust it day after day, or may use a motion detector to switch itself automatically into vacation mode if you’re away for several days. Smart thermostats may also be enabled with Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to set them from your cell phone or other device.
  • Home zoning systems allow you to divide your home into “zones” of rooms whose temperature can be managed independently. For example, your bedrooms probably don’t need to be cooled as much during the day, when no one is sleeping. Or perhaps your kitchen requires more cooling than your living room, to offset the heat of the oven. Sensors can also monitor the occupancy of various rooms, and dynamically adjust airflow as needed.
  • Smart humidifiers and dehumidifiers don’t just run when the A/C or furnace is running — they monitor the humidity levels inside your home and switch on and off, as needed.
  • Smart ventilation systems monitor your home’s humidity, temperature, and airflow to determine when to draw in fresh air and exhaust stale air — and how much to draw into each room.
  • Smart systems may gather and record data on your temperature, humidity, airflow, and energy spending so that you can stay informed on how your home is performing.

If you’re curious about how a smart HVAC system could improve your Peachtree City home, call Powers Heating & Air today! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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