Saving Energy With Window Treatments for Your Home

Saving Energy With Window Treatments for Your Home

Saving Energy With Window Treatments for Your HomeWindows are a focal point of your Peachtree City home that add beauty and personality. Though, your windows are huge contributors to heat gain/loss that result in higher energy bills and greater HVAC wear. If you would like your home to be more energy efficient, but you don’t want unsightly windows, use these tips to see how the right window treatments can improve your home’s aesthetics and lower your energy bills.

Visible Benefits

Your home’s envelope consists of the materials and systems that separate your conditioned spaces from extreme temperatures. You surely know that a well insulated attic and sound walls makes your home more comfortable and efficient, but did you realize you can recoup your investment with window treatments in these ways?

  • Substantially reduce your cooling and heating bills by blocking window heat gain/loss.
  • Many window treatments reduce outside noise giving you more peace and quiet.
  • Protect your furnishings and walls from harmful UV rays.

Interior Treatments

  • Interior solar screens: Solar screens are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and visibility percentages. They are easy to adjust and may allow heat gain on cooler days.
  • Window film: Window films reduce the amount of sunlight and heat gain. Unlike adjustable solar screens, however, you can’t reduce or increase the amount of sunlight streaming into your home.
  • Insulated curtains: If updating your curtains is your cup of tea, consider layering your curtains and using insulated types that help reduce heat gain/loss.

Outdoor Treatments

  • Exterior solar screens: Solar screens may also be installed outside your home. They are popular additions to outdoor living spaces, too!
  • Awnings: Want it made in the shade without obstructing your window views? Then awnings consider awnings for adding an extra touch of charm to sun-struck windows — and up to 75 percent reduction in heat gain!
  • Storm panels: Like solar screens, storm panels may be installed inside or outside your home. As their name indicates, storm panels also protect your windows from wind-driven storms.

To learn more about saving energy and your options of window treatments, contact Powers Heating & Air today!

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