How Much Money and Energy Does Your Attic Waste?

How Much Money and Energy Does Your Attic Waste?

How Much Money and Energy Does Your Attic Waste?In a warm climate like Peachtree City’s, it’s not always obvious how much the attic can affect a home’s energy efficiency. Understanding how your attic could be costing you is the first step in solving the problem.

Leaking Air

Attics are often full of tiny cracks and gaps that let air pass. In summer, leaks let hot, humid air seep into your living space. In winter, the warm air in your rooms naturally rises toward your ceilings. Leaks let that air escape into the attic and out through the roof. You can stop the leaks by using weatherstripping, caulk, and metal flashing as necessary to seal around:

  • The access hatch
  • Pipe and wiring holes
  • Vent stacks and chimneys
  • Recessed lights and dropped soffits
  • Kneewalls

Escaping Heat

When your attic heats up in warm weather, insulation slows the rate at which heat radiates into your rooms, keeping your house cooler. In winter, insulation helps hold warmth in your rooms and keeps it out of your attic.

If you can see your attic’s floor joists, you need more insulation. In the Peachtree City area, you’ll want to have an R-30 to R-60 layer of insulation. That’s between 12 to 24 inches of fiberglass batts.

To further reduce heat gain, consider having a radiant barrier added. These barriers, which are installed on your attic’s ceiling, are made of material that reflects heat away from your house. They can reduce your cooling costs by 5 to 10 percent.

Lack of Ventilation

Attics need ventilation to provide the amount of airflow that lets them maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels. Without good ventilation, summertime heat will build up and radiate into your living space. In winter, ventilation removes excess moisture which would otherwise encourage mold and rot. If you have either ridge or soffit vents, but not both, or you have a gable fan on only one side, consult a professional about optimizing the ventilation.

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