5 HVAC Considerations When Purchasing a Home

5 HVAC Considerations When Purchasing a Home

5 HVAC Considerations When Purchasing a HomeWhen you are buying a house, you certainly want to avoid hidden costs associated with unforeseen home repairs. Since the HVAC systems are generally out of sight and out of mind, you want to make a special effort to ensure you know what you are getting. Consider the following HVAC tips to make the best and most informed decisions when shopping for a house.

Age of Systems

Know the age of the HVAC systems of the homes you are considering buying. Central air and heat pumps last 10 to 12 years respectively. Furnaces should last 15 years or more. If the HVAC systems are going to need replacing in a few years, you can use this information during home purchase price negotiations.

Efficiency Ratings

If you are purchasing a home with newer HVAC systems, you should generally expect lower energy bills than homes with older models. Compare the SEER (cooling efficiency), HSPF (heating efficiency for heat pumps), and AFUE (furnace heating efficiency) ratings to see which HVAC systems are going to save money or cost you.

Duct Design

Air ducts should be professionally inspected for leaks, design flaws (e.g. insulation, pathways, and size), and cleanliness. A new heat pump, central air, or furnace won’t work efficiently if the air ducts need repair or sizing corrections.

Add-on Equipment

The following HVAC add-on equipment can substantially boost comfort and efficiency in your new home.

  • Zoning system: Zoning systems allow you to cool or heat only the rooms you need at any given time of day or night.
  • Humidity control: Whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers increase comfort, promote better indoor air quality, and can reduce cooling and heating costs.
  • Air cleaner: Whole-home air cleaners substantially reduce allergens and harmful contaminants from your home’s indoor air.


Like your automobile, your HVAC system needs regular checkups to operate at peak efficiency and to prevent breakdowns. Ask to see the maintenance records of the HVAC systems in homes you are considering for purchase.

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