How You Should Get the Air Conditioner Ready for Off Season

How You Should Get the Air Conditioner Ready for Off Season

How You Should Get the Air Conditioner Ready for Off SeasonCooler weather is coming soon, and when it gets here, it will be time to give your air conditioner a break during the off season. Here is a brief list of things you should do to get your cooling system ready for its winter idle time.


  • Shut it down. When you know you won’t need your A/C anymore this year, shut the power off completely, either at the system switch or at the circuit breaker. This prevents loss of power and makes it safer to work on the equipment.
  • Call for maintenance. Schedule a preventive maintenance appointment with your local trusted HVAC professional. This will allow an expert technician the chance to inspect the system from end to end, make repairs and adjustments, and ensure that the air conditioner is ready to work effectively and efficiently next spring.
  • Clean indoor and outdoor units. Clean the indoor unit to remove dust, dirt, and any household material that could have gotten into the cabinet or on internal components. For the outdoor unit, clear away mud, dirt, grass, leaves, sticks, or other material from around the base of the cabinet and the vents.
  • Clean the coils. The air conditioner coils are crucial for creating the cooling the air conditioner provides. Make sure they are clean, undamaged, and free of any debris that could have accumulated on them during the summer.
  • Change air filters. Replace dirty air filters with new, fresh filters. This will give you one less thing to remember in the spring and will ensure that the A/C starts the cooling season with clean filters.
  • Cover the outdoor unit. Consider covering the outdoor unit to help prevent exposure to rain, ice, and snow during the winter. Ask your HVAC supplier about the appropriate material to use as a cover.

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