Home Heating Systems: Pros and Cons

Home Heating Systems: Pros and Cons

Home Heating Systems: Pros and ConsWhile Peachtree City’s warm climate means heating doesn’t hold quite the same priority as in colder regions, you still need something to keep you warm in cooler weather. There are several home heating systems that work well in our area, but each has its pros and cons.

Heat Pumps

These are among the most energy efficient heating systems for mild climates, so they’re perfectly suited to our area. Their efficiency comes from the fact that they move heat instead of producing heat like most systems do. In winter, they draw warmth from the air and move it into your house.

In summer, they act just like an air conditioner, pulling heat out of your house to cool it. Heat pumps are even better at controlling humidity than standard A/Cs.

Fuel-Burning Furnaces

By burning natural gas, oil or propane, these home heating systems produce heat to warm the air. The warm air is blown through a duct system out to each of your rooms. While they’re among the cheapest systems to buy, furnaces are most efficient in cold climates.

Radiant Systems

A boiler paired with radiators is the most commonly used of these systems. The boiler produces hot water or steam, which is then supplied to the radiators. An alternative system, radiant flooring, is also gaining popularity. In this system, hot water is pumped through tubing under the floors.

Because it warms people and things, not just the air, radiant heating provides a gentle, enveloping warmth many find more comfortable than the heat from ducted systems. They also don’t kick up air contaminants by moving the air, which makes them healthier for those with respiratory concerns.

Electric Resistance Systems

This group includes furnaces, storage heaters, and space heaters that run on electricity. They’re the most inefficient way to produce heat, so unless you only need heat a few weeks out of the year, a heat pump is a better choice.


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