How Dangerous is a Space Heater in Your Home?

How Dangerous is a Space Heater in Your Home?

How Dangerous is a Space Heater in Your Home?Although we’re blessed with mild winters in the Peachtree City area, there are still times when the weather turns uncomfortably chilly. When it does, a space heater might seem like the perfect way to supplement your central heating, but there are more cons than pros to these devices.

Wasted Energy and Fire Risks

A portable space heater is a convenient way to get some extra warmth in a small room, such as the bathroom, but it’s one of the least energy efficient. While some energy-efficient models exist, particularly among infrared and ceramic heaters, models that use conventional electric resistance heating are particularly inefficient. Relying on space heaters for comfort will quickly drive up your electric bill.


A bigger problem, however, is the fire hazard they pose. Space heaters are to top cause of fires related to heating and they’re involved in more than 80 percent of the deaths caused by those fires, according to data from the National Fire Protection Association.


To stay safe, keep your space heater on a level surface at least three feet away from any flammable material and never leave it unattended. Never plug a space heater into an extension cord or use a heater with a frayed cord or other damage.

Better Ways to Stay Warm

If you have an electric furnace or baseboard heaters that aren’t keeping you comfortable, consider upgrading to a heat pump. A heat pump is the most efficient electric heating method and ideal for our mild climate. If your home doesn’t have air ducts, a ductless heat pump system is a convenient, affordable alternative to a conventional ducted system.


For a home that’s already using forced-air heating, but that still has one chilly area, a zoning system can help. These systems let you direct warm air to where it’s needed most. To add just a little extra warmth to a small space safely and efficiently, consider having a toe kick heater or cove heating panel installed.


If you’re looking for a better alternative to your space heater, contact us at Powers Heating & Air in the Peachtree City area.


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