Have You Weatherized Your Windows?

Have You Weatherized Your Windows?

Have You Weatherized Your Windows?Improving the energy efficiency of your Peachtree City home in the winter is largely a matter of sealing air leaks that allow cold air to enter your home and warm air to escape. Weatherizing windows is a good place to start air sealing your home. Drafty windows can dramatically reduce your comfort level, and they make your HVAC system work overtime to compensate for infiltrating outside air. This increases your energy bills while decreasing your comfort.

Supplies You Need for Weatherizing Windows

Weatherizing windows is an easy DIY project that you can complete in a weekend. You’ll need:

  • Expandable caulk.
  • Silicone caulk.
  • Adhesive-backed weatherstripping.
  • Rope caulk.
  • Window insulation kits.

Caulk is easy to work with, but be sure to read the directions carefully if you haven’t worked with it before.

Steps to Weatherizing Windows

Start with the exterior of your home. Inspect the windows and frames for large gaps, cracks, and holes, and fill them with expandable caulk. Use silicone caulk to seal around the window where it meets the exterior wall. If you have storm windows, install them now.


Move indoors. Just as you did outside, seal around the window frame where it meets the wall. Open the window and install weatherstripping along the top and bottom of the window to form a tight seal when it’s closed. Use rope caulk to create a removable seal along the movable components of the window. Finally, install the window insulation kits, especially if you have no storm windows.


Once your windows are sealed, use window treatments to help keep your home comfortable. When the sun is shining, keep them open to allow solar heat gain to warm your rooms. Close them during the night or on cloudy days.

Consider an Energy Audit

Other common sites of air leaks around the home include baseboards, doors, service entrances, and the attic hatch. A professional or DIY home energy evaluation identifies the location of air leaks to guide your sealing efforts.


For more information about an energy evaluation or weatherizing windows, please contact us at Powers Heating & Air, proudly serving the Peachtree City area.


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