Heat and Humidity: Finding the Right Balance

Heat and Humidity: Finding the Right Balance

Heat and Humidity: Finding the Right BalanceDuring the winter season, how many times does your home’s indoor air feel too dry? Once in a while or practically every day? Your thermostat probably isn’t much help for finding the right balance of comfort and efficiency — only higher heating bills. Finding the perfect balance of heat and humidity in your home requires taking deliberate steps. Read on to learn why and what you can do.

Humidity and the Heating Months

There are a few reasons why your home’s indoor air feels too dry during the heating months. The reasons are valid even if outdoor air isn’t very humid. For one, as your heating system warms indoor air, the air expands but it still holds the same amount of moisture.


The affect that this has on you is that your own body’s moisture evaporates from your skin faster, which may make you feel cooler even when your home is warm. Indoor air feels drier because of the drop in relative humidity — less moisture per parts of air.


There are more side effects of dry indoor air:

  • Dry air may exacerbate skin conditions, in addition to causing dry nasal passages and sore, itchy throat and watery eyes.
  • It’s easier for many viruses, such as the influenza virus, to infect a host in dry air conditions — especially if the host is suffering from dry nose, dry sinuses and sore throat.
  • Static electricity — zap! — increases in dry air.
  • Low moisture levels in your home may damage wood furnishings, flooring, molding, musical instruments and other organic materials.

Finding Your Comfort Balance

The relationship between the temperature and level of moisture in air, in regards to relative humidity, occurs naturally. So, to find your comfort zone, you’re going to have to increase the amount of moisture inside your home. This is accomplished using a humidifier — either a portable unit to humidify one room, or a whole-home humidifier attached to your HVAC system to maintain optimal comfort in your entire home.


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