This is Why You Should Buy an HVAC System, Not Just a Replacement Unit

This is Why You Should Buy an HVAC System, Not Just a Replacement Unit

This is Why You Should Buy an HVAC System, Not Just a Replacement UnitHVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems are a collection of interconnected components and parts. If one part has failed, it could have ramifications — or already has — on other parts and functions in the HVAC system. For example, running your heat pump with a dirty filter too often and too long could eventually cause your blower motor and/or compressor to seize up.

In other words, one repair problem may signal that more problems with other components will soon follow. So, if you’re deciding whether to replace one part or your entire system, work closely with a reputable HVAC professional and read these tips.

Consider the Age

The age of your HVAC system is an important factor to consider when deciding to replace part of the system or the entire system. The older your furnace, heat pump or A/C is, the more sense it makes to put current and possibly future repair dollars into a new system.

Some repair-or-replace decisions are easier than others. For example, if you need to replace the compressor — a costly repair — on your 10-year-old heat pump or A/C, your money would be better spent installing an entirely new system.

How’s Your Energy Bill?

In the average home, the HVAC system accounts for nearly half of the energy usage. That means there is a rather large gap between the costs of operating an ailing, older and inefficient HVAC system to operating a new high-efficiency model.

Concerned About Comfort?

HVAC problems often extend beyond repairing or replacing one part. This may manifest in uneven temperatures in your home caused by an unbalanced system. Replacing one unit or part may be just a band-aid fix to a larger problem that could be solved by buying a new system.

Lifetime Costs

If after considering these factors you still don’t have a clear decision, ask your HVAC contractor to perform a lifetime cost analysis. It may pay off in energy savings, comfort and no repair bills to replace the entire system.

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