How to Know if You Should Get a Plumbing Upgrade

How to Know if You Should Get a Plumbing Upgrade

How to Know if You Should Get a Plumbing UpgradeBecause most houses last longer than the plumbing system installed at original construction, at some point you may need a plumbing upgrade. Just like other household systems—electrical and HVAC, for example—plumbing becomes outdated over the years, wear and tear takes its toll and eventually the system can’t handle current water demands.


Signs that you need a plumbing upgrade my be subtle or severe. Here some things to watch for and some you can’t miss:


  • Low water pressure. Low water pressure is often a symptom of the gradual accumulation of hard water mineral deposits inside water supply lines. Because hard water is a fact of life in many locales, the only solution to an aging plumbing system obstructed by mineral deposits is an upgrade to new pipes.
  • Discolored water. Significant rust and corrosion inside the supply pipes can add a disagreeable tint and taste to household water. The process going on inside the pipes is permanent and can’t be reversed. Upgrading the system is the only way to restore clear, appetizing water to the house.
  • Many small leaks. If you notice small, apparently insignificant leaks such as dripping pinholes in water supply lines and/or wet joints between pipes, they may be concealing more extensive deterioration. These minor signs are often red flags of a potential pipe rupture and should not be ignored.
  • Repeated clogs. A drain system that has become congested with decades of thick, congealed sludge may clog over and over. Despite temporary measures such as snaking, the clog soon recurs. Ultimately, upgrading may be the best measure to restore long-term free flow to the system.
  • Severe water damage. If a supply line ruptures and inundates the house with hundreds of gallons of water, it’s a dramatic sign that demands attention and preventive action. Since all pipes in the house tend to age and incur wear at the same rate, major failure of one supply line means you can assume that its time to upgrade the entire system.

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