Don’t Forget About Water Heater Maintenance

Don’t Forget About Water Heater Maintenance

Don't Forget About Water Heater MaintenanceIt’s easy to forget about maintaining home appliances and equipment, or putting off preventive care for a more convenient time. However, it can cost you in the long term with malfunctioning parts or a system failure, and cost you in the short term with higher energy bills. Take a few moments to learn why water heater maintenance shouldn’t be put off, and then make a call to your trusted home services company to set an appointment.

Save Money, Time and Avoid Problems

One of the benefits not to be overlooked by maintaining your water heater is time. Schedule spring water heater maintenance now and possibly avoid the inconvenience and cost of an emergency repair later. Moreover, enjoy these benefits.


  • Savings: Professional maintenance reduces your water heating costs — second only to heating and cooling costs — and can help prevent expensive repairs and cold showers!
  • Safety: If your hot water seems too hot, you may be right. Scalding can occur in a matter of seconds. Ask your service technician to turn back the temperature for safer hot water and more energy savings.
  • Service life: Get the most years of service possible out of your water heater by maintaining regular maintenance calls.
  • Health: Clean water is essential not to be overlooked.

Professional Water Heater Maintenance

Following are some of the primary tasks your service technician performs during water heater maintenance:


  • Inspection: The water heater is visually inspected for signs of water leaks (e.g. rust streaks) and venting problems (e.g. rust and/or soot on top of the water heater).
  • Cleaning: The water heater is completely drained to flush out sediment and mineral deposits.
  • Anode rod: The anode rod attracts and removes metals and other impurities from the water. This part should be replaced every two to four years for more healthful water and to prevent damage to the water heater’s lining.
  • TPR: The temperature pressure relief (TPR) valve is tested, which can prevent tank rupture by extreme temperatures and/or pressure.

If you’ve forgotten about water heater maintenance this year, not to worry. Please contact the professionals at Powers Heating & Air today for fast service!


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