How to: Save on Water Heating

How to: Save on Water Heating

How to: Save on Water HeatingEvery time you turn on a hot water fixture or an appliance that uses hot water in your home, your water heater goes to work. It also works a lot in between uses maintaining the thermostat temperature. All that work and energy usage can really add up quickly in higher water heating bills.


The secret to lowering your water heating bill is to combine conservation efforts and more efficient water heating. Here are some great tips to help!

Turn Back Hot Water Temperature

Turning back your water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees is safer to use by preventing scalding and it saves energy. After you’ve turned back the thermostat a notch, use a thermometer to measure hot water temperature from the most distant fixture. You’ll need to wait a few hours in between adjustments.

Clean Your Water Heater

Debris and deposits inside your water heater make it work harder, use more energy, contaminate water and can cause your water heater to breakdown or fail early. You’ve got a lot to gain in addition to energy savings by flushing your water heater.

  • Turn off the water heater’s electricity and gas as applicable.
  • Close the water inlet valve.
  • Attach a garden hose to the drain. Extend the hose outside or to a floor drain.
  • Turn on the drain to empty the water heater.
  • After the water has drained, turn on the water inlet valve to flush more water through for a few minutes.
  • Close the drain valve and fill the water heater.
  • Disconnect the water hose, and turn on the electricity and gas.
  • Drain a gallon every few months to help prevent buildup.

Install a Timer

Water heater timers can save a lot of money — especially if your water heater is located in an unconditioned area of your home. Timers are available in basic switches, countdown timers, box timers, programmable devices and WiFi-enabled timers.


Work with a reputable HVAC contractor, and you’ll save money on your water heating bill and your HVAC system all summer long.


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