Storm Prep for Spring: What You Need to Know

Storm Prep for Spring: What You Need to Know

Storm Prep for Spring: What You Need to KnowSpring can bring unpredictable weather to our area of Georgia. To keep your family and home safe, dry and comfortable during spring storm season, it’s wise to make some advance preparations. The following storm prep tips can help you be ready when Mother Nature turns ugly.

Put Together an Emergency Kit

Gather together a couple of flashlights or a lantern, an assortment of batteries, some emergency cash, blankets, non-perishable food items that don’t require heating, a couple of gallons of drinking water and a first-aid kit. Put all the items together in a waterproof container and store it in spot that’s easy to access even if the lights are out.

Buy a NOAA Radio

This kind of radio broadcasts on a dedicated, nationwide network and sends out National Weather Service warnings, watches and similar information 24/7. You can find a NOAA weather radio in most electronics stores and online, and it’s a beneficial addition to your emergency kit.

Consider Investing in a Backup Generator

The most convenient type of generator to have is a standby model that comes on automatically during an electrical outage, then shuts off when power is restored. Alternately, you can buy a portable unit that burns gas. With either type, you’ll need to have an electrician install a transfer switch and make any other needed modifications to your home’s electrical system.

Tidy Up the Yard and Patio

Make sure that overhanging limbs on trees close to the house are trimmed back so they don’t cause any damage during a storm. When bad weather is forecast, put away bicycles, yard equipment, gardening tools and children’s toys in the garage or shed, and secure your patio furniture and other heavy items like a portable grill.

Protect Your HVAC Equipment

Have a fitted condenser cover or a tarp and bungee cords handy so you can cover up the outdoor unit when a storm is predicted, but be sure to shut down both HVAC units via the breakers in your main electrical panel first.


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