Fixing These Common Plumbing Problems

Fixing These Common Plumbing Problems

Fixing These Common Plumbing ProblemsNo matter how well you care for your plumbing system, problems can still pop up from time to time. Learn how to handle the most common plumbing problems and you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration and expense.


Minor clogs can be cleared by adding two tablespoons of dish soap and a pot of boiling hot water to the drain, waiting 15 minutes, then flushing the drain again with hot water. For a more stubborn clogged sink drain, use a plunger with no rubber flange inside the cup. For a clogged toilet, use a plunger with a flange.


Slow-running drains and repeated clogs throughout your home suggest a sewer line problem, which requires help from a plumber.

Running toilet

This is one of the most wasteful of all common plumbing problems, so never ignore it. Check that the chain connecting the flush handle and the rubber flapper valve inside the tank is correctly adjusted and isn’t getting stuck. Make sure the flapper seals completely. If it doesn’t seal or it’s warped or deteriorating, replace it.


The tank water level shouldn’t rise above the overflow tube. Adjust the float so the water stays an inch or two below the top of the tube.

Dripping faucets

A dripping faucet can often be repaired by replacing a worn out component inside. Usually, this means replacing the seat washers on a compression faucet and the O-rings on a cartridge faucet. For a ball faucet, buy a component replacement kit to make your job easier.

Dripping water heater

Finding a puddle around your water heater tank can be alarming, but in most cases, the fix is simple. If water is escaping from the T/P valve on top of the tank, your system’s temperature might be too high. Set the temperature to 135 degrees, but not lower. It’s also possible the valve is faulty and should be replaced. A leaking drain valve at the bottom of the tank usually requires replacement, a relatively simple DIY job.


To have any of these common plumbing problems solved quickly and safely, contact a plumbing professional.


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