Things to Think About Before Adding a Home Addition

Things to Think About Before Adding a Home Addition

Things to Think About Before Adding a Home AdditionYou love your home and don’t want to move, but you need more space. A home addition appears like the perfect solution. Adding a new room to your home is a great idea for many reasons, but it requires thoughtful planning to maximize your investment. Here’s what to know before you break ground to ensure your room addition is comfortable and efficient.

Comfortable and Efficient

You are probably going to be using your new home addition frequently; hence, the reason for its construction. To ensure it is constructed with energy efficiency and comfort in mind, your HVAC contractor should perform a load calculation. A load calculation is used to size your heating and cooling system to optimize comfort, efficiency and system performance.

Heating and Cooling Options

There are a number of existing and planning factors involved in determining the best heating and cooling system for your home addition. The type of system your home currently uses is important. If you use a forced-air system, you may be wondering if you can extend air ducts to the new space. This is an attractive option, but it will only work if your existing HVAC system can handle the extra load and if air balancing can be achieved. Otherwise, your new space isn’t going to be comfortable.


The condition and age of your existing system comes into play, too. Is it keeping your home comfortable now? Are your energy bills too high or about right? Is your heat pump or central air system more than 10-years old? Increasing the workload of an aging or inefficient system isn’t a good investment.

Dedicated Cooling and Heating

A dedicated HVAC system is another option, which could be a new forced-air heat pump or a ductless heat pump. Both systems provide independent comfort control, a new warranty and great energy efficiency. A ductless system will potentially give you more available living space since there aren’t any bulky ducts.


Work closely with an experienced HVAC contractor for your home addition, and you can’t go wrong. Contact Powers Heating & Air for the best service in the Peachtree City area.


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