Compare Single and Two-Stage Furnaces

Compare Single and Two-Stage Furnaces

Compare Single and Two-Stage FurnacesFinding the right furnace for your home can be a tricky endeavor, especially with so many options available. Among these choices are single and two-stage furnaces, both which offer their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The following takes a look at how both furnaces stack up against one another.

Single-Stage Furnace

To understand the difference between a single-stage furnace and its two-stage counterpart, it’s important to understand the term “single-stage.” It simply means that the furnace is only capable of generating and dispersing heat at a set speed. Either the unit runs at full throttle or it simply doesn’t run at all.


The relative simplicity of a single-stage furnace makes it slightly easier to maintain and a bit more affordable to purchase. However, operating a single-stage furnace throughout the winter could prove costly, especially since the unit has to cycle on and off constantly to maintain a steady temperature and prevent cold spots from forming in portions of your home.

Two-Stage Furnace

Just as the name implies, a two-stage furnace is capable of alternating between two states during its operation – a first stage where it runs at roughly half of its capacity and a second stage where it can run at full capacity. The ability to cut its own capacity in half gives two-stage furnaces a number of advantages over their single-stage counterparts.

  • The first stage allows your furnace to distribute heat more evenly throughout the entire room, eliminating potential cold spots.
  • The first stage also allows your furnace to run more economically, since it’s producing just enough heat to keep your home warm without a sharp increase in energy consumption.
  • Two-stage furnaces can run more quietly since they don’t have to run at full capacity constantly.

Two-stage furnaces tend to cost more than their single-stage counterparts, but the extra upfront cost could be worth it if you’re aiming to reduce your heating costs over a long period of time.


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