4 Tips to a Quieter A/C

4 Tips to a Quieter A/C

4 Tips to a Quieter A/CYour air conditioner is like any other kind of mechanical equipment – it makes some noise when it’s running. You’re no doubt used to the sounds it normally makes, so you notice any unusual, extremely loud or alarming new noises.


Some sounds – like hissing, loud banging or shrill shrieking or squealing – should be checked out by an experienced HVAC professional because they can indicate serious problems that need prompt attention.


Quieting the A/C when it starts making annoying but not serious sounds is fairly easy if you follow these tips:

Clean & Tighten a Noisy Blower Fan

If you’re hearing murmuring or rattling sounds from the air handler cabinet, the fan may be loose or dirty or have a bent blade. You can lessen the noise by wiping any debris from the blades and tightening the center hub with a screwdriver or Allen wrench if the fan is a bit loose and vibrating. If there’s a bent blade, use your hands to gently straighten it.

Lubricate a Loud Fan Motor

If your blower motor hasn’t been lubricated recently, it can start making an irritating grinding or humming sound. Adding lubrication can lessen the noise coming from the fan motor, and it’s easy to do by putting a couple of drops of SAE 10 lubricating oil to each oil port, if your model has them.

Tighten Loose, Rattling Screws

The various components situated inside the indoor and outdoor HVAC cabinets can vibrate slightly when they’re running, and this repetitive movement can gradually loosen the cabinet or mounting screws. To end the annoying rattling sound this produces, simply follow the noise back to the source and fully tighten the screw(s) that are loose.

Quiet Bothersome Compressor Noise

The normal noise that’s made when your A/C compressor is running can get excessively loud and distracting when it bounces off your home’s exterior. You can quiet the racket, and make being outdoors enjoyable again, by having vibration-dampening mounts and/or a noise-reducing compressor blanket installed.


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