Which Mobile Apps Do You Need?

Which Mobile Apps Do You Need?

Which Mobile Apps Do You Need?In today’s tech-savvy world, there’s an app for everything, and this includes virtually every aspect of owning and maintaining your Peachtree City home. Here are five mobile apps that can make your life as a homeowner more organized and a little less hectic:

Energy Consumption Analyzer

The Energy Consumption Analyzer app allows you to monitor your household energy usage so you can get it under control. You simply set up a separate meter for your gas, water and electrical services, then input your meter readings. The app graphs your energy usage and displays an up-to-date rate of consumption.


Would you like a foolproof way to document everything you own in case your home is broken in to and you have to file a police report or insurance claim? The Encircle app is designed to let you take and store photos of every item in your home, so you have peace of mind that everything is catalogued in case of theft.


Do you have trouble keeping track and taking care of home maintenance tasks? If so, the free HomeSavvy iOS app can help you organize all those necessary chores. The app can also send you timely alerts so you won’t forget to change your carbon monoxide detector batteries, fertilize the lawn, or schedule a preventive HVAC maintenance appointment.

DIY Tip Genius

Whether you’re an avid or novice home DIYer, you’ll discover a wealth of knowledge on the DIY Tip Genius app. With over 4,000 tips, tutorials and hacks for completing projects faster, Tip Genius gives you easy access all the DIY insight and guidance you need right on your mobile phone.


The BillMinder app is an organizational tool that makes it effortless to manage your monthly household bills in a convenient calendar format. You can set up notifications for your credit cards, cell phone, electric and other such bills so you never forget a payment, then view all your monthly expenses in a easy-to-digest graph or chart.


For more advice about mobile apps that can benefit you as a Peachtree City homeowner, contact us at Powers Heating & Air.

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