How You Can Reduce Pool Energy Use This Summer

How You Can Reduce Pool Energy Use This Summer

How You Can Reduce Pool Energy Use This SummerPool energy use is one reason why your electricity bills are higher in summer than they may have been in the winter. On an annual basis, residential pool owners pay about $500 more in energy costs than non-pool owners. The cost of electricity, in particular, is higher in summer when the pool is typically not heated.


Fortunately, energy expenses aren’t written in stone and you can take proactive steps to reduce them. Here are some proven measures to cut pool energy use this summer and the monthly operating costs that go with them:

  • Upgrade to a variable-speed pump. Circulating and filtering the 20,000 gallons of water in a typical residential pool uses a lot of electricity — particularly if you’re still operating an old-generation, single-speed pump. New variable-speed models run more continuously for better filtration yet the highly-efficient motor can use up to 75 percent less electricity. That translates into direct savings on energy costs all summer long.
  • Put the pump on a timer. Many pool owners run the circulation pump far more hours per day than is actually required to sustain optimum water quality and clarity. This adds up to needless energy consumption and expense. A pool professional or experienced plumber can calculate an accurate figure based on total pool volume, filter type and pump capacity and tell you how many hours of circulation are actually required. Install a pump timer to limit operation to that time slot and stop wasting money.
  • Light with LEDs. Pool lighting can also consume substantial electricity if you’re still using obsolete incandescent bulbs. Upgrade your lighting fixtures to LEDs that reduce electrical consumption by up to 90 percent, compared to incandescents, and last over 20 times as long before replacement is required. LED pool lights also provide visual benefits — many can be programmed to produce a wide variety of colors to create a more aesthetic pool experience.

For more advice to reduce pool energy use this summer, ask the professionals at Powers Heating & Air.


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