The Main Summer Plumbing Problems

The Main Summer Plumbing Problems

The Main Summer Plumbing ProblemsIf you were asked to name a seasonal plumbing problem, you might say frozen pipes in the wintertime. Summer plumbing problems can make just as much mess, cause water damage to your home and elevate your household water bill as well. Here are some of the main plumbing issues to watch out for this summer:

Clogged Toilet

The toilets in your bathrooms can get a lot of use if you have children who are out of school for the summer break. Since it’s not possible for monitor every bathroom visit and see what goes down the drain, it’s easy for the fixtures to get clogged by foreign objects or excessive toilet paper. Depending on what caused the clog, you can attempt to clear the blockage yourself with a plunger. If this doesn’t get the toilet unblocked, you may need professional help.

Cracked Hose Bib

If you neglected to drain and cover the hose bib last fall, it may have cracked during a winter freeze. You can avoid water waste and any damage from a leak in an exterior wall or around the foundation by checking the hose bib’s condition and replacing it if necessary.

Malfunctioning Sump Pump

If you have a basement with a sump pump installed to prevent flooding, it needs to be working properly to do its job. For peace of mind, test it to make sure the pump is functional, clear the sump pit of any debris, and put the pump on a battery backup to ensure that it can operate if a power outage occurs during a storm.

Leaky Sprinkler System

Having a sprinkler system to keep your landscaping watered means you have one less yard chore to tackle during the summer. Leaks in the system can cause costly problems, though, like foundation damage, flooding and an excessively-high water bill. To prevent these issues, make sure that the sprinkler heads aren’t clogged or broken, and test the system for leaks that need repair.


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