How Air Humidifier Use in the Summer is Beneficial

How Air Humidifier Use in the Summer is Beneficial

How Air Humidifier Use in the Summer is BeneficialIn the winter, when the outdoor air gets drier and you’re running the heating system, an air humidifier can make your living environment more comfortable by adding much-needed moisture to the air supply. You might not think it, but humidifying your home can be beneficial in the summer as well, when the air conditioner or heat pump is running non-stop to keep the space comfortably cool.

The Connection Between Home Cooling and Humidity

Your cooling system draws heat out of your indoor air, but at the same time, it also dehumidifies the air. If you have an efficient A/C that’s running almost continuously, it can dehumidify your home to the point where the air moisture level falls too low. In this situation, having a whole-home humidifier installed on the HVAC system can be beneficial, because it allows you to set a certain humidity level at the thermostat so extra moisture can be dispersed in your conditioned air whenever it’s needed.

Using an air humidifier in the summer can also help you:

  • Preserve health and avoid discomfort. You’ll have less chance of developing the flu, colds and respiratory infections since the viruses and bacteria that cause them tend to thrive when the air is dry. You’ll also have fewer issues like itchy skin, dry hair, headaches, sore throats and sinus problems that are more likely to occur in dry conditions.
  • Safeguard your home and belongings. When the cooling system pulls moisture from the air and the humidity gets too low, it can dry out various components and finishes, such as the drywall, paint, wallpaper, wood trim and floors causing shrinkage, cracking and warping. The excessive dryness can also ruin wood furniture, books, musical instruments and artwork.
  • Prevent static electricity damage. Static electricity is another side effect of dry conditions that can cause sudden, irritating shocks. It can also ruin any costly items in your home that contain a semiconductor, which can include cell phones, game consoles, computers and televisions.

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