Tips for Easy Summer HVAC Maintenance

Tips for Easy Summer HVAC Maintenance

Tips for Easy Summer HVAC MaintenanceThe southern climate means a hot summer, and the last thing you want is for your cooling system to fail when you start putting the season’s stresses on it. Preventive HVAC maintenance will ensure the best possible performance from your air conditioner or heat pump. The following five tips will give you an idea how to proceed with your summer HVAC maintenance.

  • Get professional maintenance. A preventive maintenance inspection from your trusted HVAC specialist will keep the cooling equipment working as well as possible. A preventive maintenance inspection will identify issues that could become major problems later and will include performance-boosting adjustments. Tasks should include calibration of controls, tightening of loose components and wiring, and checking blower belts.
  • Clean the indoor and outdoor units. Both the indoor and outdoor units should be cleaned to remove accumulations of material that could interfere with operation. Special care should be taken to clean away any accumulations of grass, mud, dirt, leaves, sticks, or other vegetation that could block air vents on the outdoor unit. You should also trim bushes, hedges, trees, and other vegetation on all sides of the outdoor unit to allow for sufficient airflow.
  • Check the ductwork. Take a look at the ductwork that carries the cooled air to your home’s interior. All sections should be tightly connected and connections should be sealed with mastic or metal tape to prevent air leaks.
  • Put in new air filters. Make sure the air filters in your cooling system are new and clean. Dirty filters can’t remove particulates from your indoor and will interfere with airflow and proper system operation.
  • Test the thermostat. Test the programmable thermostat to make sure it works properly and will turn your cooling system on when needed. If the batteries haven’t been changed recently, put in a fresh set.

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