Plumbing for Pet Owners: Tips and Tricks

Plumbing for Pet Owners: Tips and Tricks

Plumbing for Pet Owners: Tips and TricksPet owners don’t always realize there’s a connection between caring for a furry family member and keeping their home’s plumbing in good repair. If you’re a pet owner, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you keep your plumbing system and your pet safe and in good health.

Strain the Drain During Baths

If your pet sheds a lot of fur during a bath, all that hair can make your drains sluggish and cause clogs. To avoid these issues, buy an appropriately-sized strainer for the sink or tub drain where you bathe your pet, and put it in before a bath. After the bath, just let the water drain away completely then dispose of all the hair caught in the strainer.

Take Precautions With Water Temperature and Pressure

Issues like water pressure changes when a toilet is flushed or too high a temperature can expose your pet to scalding hot water and make bath time terrifying. To avoid stressing or harming your pet during a bath, reduce the water heater thermostat setting to 120 degrees. To avert unexpected pressure changes, have balancing valves installed on the sink faucet or showerhead.

Don’t Dispose of Cat Litter by Flushing

Some brands of cat litter state that they’re flushable, but there’s still a risk that the material might clump and cause a blockage in your sewer lines, so never put soiled litter down the drain. Instead, empty out used litter into a bag and dispose of it with your household trash.

Keep Drinking Water Bowls Filled

When your pet is thirsty and has no available drinking water, they may head to the bathroom for a drink from the toilet. Since toilet water may contain cleaning chemicals and bacteria, it can pose a serious hazard to pets. To ensure your four-legged friend’s safety and health, set out two or more water dishes and fill them regularly, and make it habit to shut your toilet lids and bathroom doors.

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