How Ceiling Fans Benefit Your Home

How Ceiling Fans Benefit Your Home

How Ceiling Fans Benefit Your HomeDon’t take that ceiling fan whirling above your head for granted. During the cooling season, a ceiling fan offers a number of benefits in addition to helping keep you cool. An operating ceiling fan, or any fan really, creates a cooling effect for anyone in the path of the moving air. This helps relieve some of the pressure on your air conditioning system, which won’t have to work so hard to provide all the cooling in a home.


This cooling effect is similar to the windchill effect that a person will feel when outside on a windy, winter’s day. The big difference is that in the summertime in Georgia, you really appreciate the cooling effect.


Operating a ceiling fan during the summer will provide these important benefits:

  • As mentioned, the cooling effect. You’ll feel more comfortable and cooler with ceiling fans operating. While the fan doesn’t actually lower the temperature, the effect of the moving air makes it feel as if the temperature is three or four degrees lower.
  • With the air feeling cooler, you can raise the thermostat temperature by several degrees without any loss of comfort. This reduces the workload on your air conditioning system, which saves energy, lowers your energy bills, and lessens stress on system components. Your A/C will last longer and suffer from fewer breakdowns. (Fans do consume electricity but a lot less than an A/C or heat pump.)
  • You’ll help the environment when your cooling equipment isn’t operating 24/7 in the summertime.

One thing to remember, a ceiling fan operating in an empty rooms really isn’t benefiting anyone, unless you have a cat or dog hanging out in the room. A fan’s cooling effect is instantaneous rather than cumulative, so make sure you turn off the fan before leaving a room, in the same way that you turn off lights in unoccupied rooms. Also, during the cooling season, make sure the fan is in default mode, with the blades rotating counterclockwise.


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