What Elements are Essential for HVAC Design?

What Elements are Essential for HVAC Design?

What Elements are Essential for HVAC Design?Having modern, energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment is important if you hope to have a comfortable home that’s doesn’t cost a fortune to condition. However, another crucial ingredient in a modern household is proper HVAC design.


Following are some key characteristics of good residential HVAC design:

A correctly sized cooling or heating system

Your contractor should insist upon conducting a heating or cooling load calculation (depending on the system) that takes into account your home’s size and layout, energy efficiency, window coverage, orientation on the lot, and much more. With that information in hand, your contractor will recommend the right size A/C, heat pump or furnace for your particular home. This way, you’ll avoid an under- or over-sized HVAC system, each of which has its own set of potential problems affecting energy costs and comfort.

Effective ventilation

You don’t want a home in which the same, stale air circulates again and again. This is neither comfortable nor healthy. Consider installing a Heat Recovery or Energy Recovery Ventilation system, which constantly exchanges stale air for fresh air, and at the same time transfers heat energy (and moisture in an ERV) between parallel air streams for added efficiency and comfort.

Air distribution system

An efficient air distribution system, in which the duct network and vents and registers are designed for optimum airflow and comfort. Each room should have “supply” and “return” registers or grilles connected to ductwork, where practical.

Effective humidity control and air cleaning

Ideal HVAC design often comes with whole-house dehumidification and sometimes humidification as well, depending on the climate. Whole-house air-cleaning systems are also desirable, especially in homes with particular air-quality concerns.

Temperature control that works

our best bet is a modern, Wi-Fi thermostat that will allow you to program energy-saving setbacks to save energy and money when you’re at work all day or at night in the winter, and adjust or set programs remotely with your smart-phone, tablet or laptop.


To discuss whether your Peachtree City area home has good HVAC design, and how to achieve that goal if it doesn’t, please contact us at Powers Heating & Air.


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