Surge Protectors for Storm Preparation

Surge Protectors for Storm Preparation

Surge Protectors for Storm PreparationWhen you think about a surge protector, you might picture a device to protect home electronics like computers and televisions. While these items definitely need safeguarding from power surges, the mostly costly equipment in your home deserves it too: the indoor and outdoor components of your air conditioning system.

Why Are Power Surges a Concern?

A “power surge” in the electrical current in your home occurs when there’s a short stop-and-restart in the flow, or when the current is sent backwards through your electrical wiring. Such surges can differ greatly in intensity, from a minor five-to-ten volt disruption when you plug in an appliance in your kitchen, to a massive surge of thousands of volts when lightning strikes a transformer. Although lightning strikes are by far the most powerful and damaging cause of surges, they and other storm-related events like power outages and tree limbs contacting power lines are responsible for only about one-fifth of voltage fluctuations in an average home. The remainder originate within the home’s own electrical system.

Why Are Air Conditioners Vulnerable to Power Surge Damage?

Years ago, air conditioners were comprised of mechanical equipment without built-in electronics.


Today’s energy-efficient A/Cs typically contain various electronics and microprocessors, so they’re vulnerable to all sorts of electrical disturbances, including:

  • Minor power supply fluctuations that cause internal damage. Oftentimes, such damage is virtually impossible to detect, but it shortens the component’s lifespan.
  • Repeated or more powerful external or internal surges in the electrical current that cause an equipment breakdown that requires a costly repair.
  • A major spike in voltage that results in a component failure. This kind of devastating damage is often not repairable, so the component or entire system may need to be replaced.

Surge Protectors Can Safeguard Your A/C

It’s impossible to predict or avoid storm-related power surges that can damage your air conditioner, so it’s wise get prepared by installing a whole-house surge protector as well as individual devices for each major component.


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