Resetting Your Thermostat to Run on Schedule

Resetting Your Thermostat to Run on Schedule

Resetting Your Thermostat to Run on ScheduleWhen a programmable thermostat starts to malfunction, it can result in wasted energy, increased heating and cooling costs, and loss of HVAC system efficiency. Here are some of the reasons why your programmable thermostat might lose its scheduling function and what you can do to fix it:

Programmable Thermostat Scheduling

Programmable thermostats’ ability to precisely schedule the operation of your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace is the main reason they are popular with residential and commercial customers. By using pre-programmed schedules called set points, you can reduce HVAC operation when it’s not needed, such as when you’re out of the house for the day. Other set points can automatically turn on your HVAC system to ensure your indoor areas are comfortable by the time you get back home. In total, this improves HVAC system efficiency and significantly cuts overall energy costs.

Resolving Scheduling Issues

If a programmable thermostat cannot maintain these set point schedules, the benefits of having a programmable model are lost. Some of the main reasons why the scheduling function might not work include:

  • Weak or run-down batteries: If the batteries in your programmable thermostat are weak or running low on power, the thermostat won’t be able to maintain its schedule settings. It only takes a moment’s loss of power for the settings to be lost. New batteries should solve the problem.
  • Dirty interior: Household dirt, dust, smoke, cobwebs, and other materials can settle on the thermostat and get inside it. If they foul the electrical connections inside the thermostat, power issues can result and schedule settings can be lost. Clean the thermostat inside out.
  • Loose wires or connections: Over time, wires and terminal screws may come loose inside the thermostat. This, again, results in loss of power that deletes schedule settings. Check the wiring and connections to make sure everything is tight.

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