Boiler Problems: Most Common

Boiler Problems: Most Common

Boiler Problems: Most CommonBoilers have a reputation as durable and reliable heating systems, but problems can still develop that require the attention of a knowledgeable HVAC professional. Here are the symptoms of some common boiler problems you might encounter:


If your boiler starts to make rumbling and popping sounds similar to a boiling tea kettle, it’s a warning sign of mineral scale and sediment buildup inside the heat exchanger. The accumulation can erode heating efficiency and put extra strain on the unit that shortens its lifespan, so have your HVAC technician flush the system.

Grinding Noise

If you begin hearing a grinding noise from your heating system on start up, it’s likely that the bearings in the boiler’s water pump are going bad. Unfortunately, by the time you start hearing the noise, the pump is probably already seriously damaged and needs to be replaced.

Heating System Switches Off

When a boiler starts up, but cycles off again fairly quickly, there are several possible causes, like low water pressure, a malfunctioning thermostat or a faulty valve. To get the system working properly again, your HVAC technician will need to pinpoint and address the underlying cause.


Boilers are built durably to stay watertight, but leaks can start to occur with age and use. Some possible causes of leaks are failed water pump seals, weakened pipe joints and faulty pressure relief or bleed valves. If you see evidence of a leak, have your HVAC pro assess the system to find and fix the origin and prevent any decline in the boiler’s heating capabilities.

Gurgling Sounds

When air gets into your heating system, you’ll likely hear whistling or gurgling noises while it’s running. If air is getting in then water is escaping too, and this can cause inconsistent heating or a loss of heating in some rooms. You can try purging the lines to clear out the air, but if it occurs repeatedly, have an HVAC technician inspect the system to determine why it’s happening.


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