Top 5 HVAC Tools You Need

Top 5 HVAC Tools You Need

Top 5 HVAC Tools You NeedHave you ever wondered about the various tools and equipment a qualified HVAC technician needs to repair your home’s system? Some simpler problems can be dealt with using just a screwdriver, wrench, pliers, drill, and other basics, but the more complex issues require specialized HVAC tools to be resolved. Here are the top five tools and what they’re used for:

Digital thermometer

To make sure your system is doing its job, it’s important not only to know what the temperature is in your home, but to be able to track the differences from one room to another. That’s why a handheld digital thermometer is one of the first HVAC tools a technician needs. Many even display multiple temperatures at once, allowing you to compare the current room to the outdoor temp, other rooms in the house, etc.


A voltmeter’s a great way to figure out if one of your system’s parts is defective. It will show you, at a glance, whether or not there’s power running through it. This can be a great tool to help your technician narrow down the problem quickly.

Refrigerant scale

How much refrigerant is in your A/C? Not enough, and the system won’t be able to cool your home properly, overworking it in the process. But too much can cause damage as well. A refrigerant scale is a small digital device used to measure the amount of coolant in your unit as you charge it, making sure you get exactly enough without overflowing.

Thermographic camera

Air leaks in your home can cost you a lot in wasted energy. During an energy audit, a thermographic camera uses heat-sensitive imaging to locate these leaks, so they can be fixed.

Caulk gun

Once the leaks are discovered, many can be patched up using a caulk gun. It distributes sealant quickly and evenly, without leakage, to stop unwanted airflow from your ducts and other areas of your home where leaks can occur.


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