Ways Rain Could Affect Your Home’s HVAC System

Ways Rain Could Affect Your Home’s HVAC System

Ways Rain Could Affect Your Home's HVAC SystemWhen it comes to rain, it always seems as if there’s too much or not enough. In our region, heavy rainfall can sometimes cause big problems with our homes, our landscapes — and even the HVAC system. Learn all about possible rain effects on HVAC systems by reading the following.

How Rain Can Impact Your HVAC System

The side of your HVAC system that is most likely to be affected by rain is the outdoor section of the air conditioner that contains the condenser and compressor. Although it is designed to be sturdy and to resist the impact of heavy rain, it can be damaged by precipitation that falls as snow/ice or hail. It’s not very likely to happen in our area, but melting/refreezing snow inside a condenser can damage parts, as can the melting/refreezing of dripping ice dams off the edge of the roof. Large hail can also damage the air conditioner.


If you’re concerned about any of these weather-related problems, you can cover the condenser. However, covers sometimes are an invitation to rodents to set up housekeeping, and that is a recipe for chewed wiring and animal waste inside the unit. A better solution might be to erect a temporary barrier — perhaps a square plywood board — over the top, securing it in place with strong cords and bolts in the ground. You can remove it when the weather passes.


If your yard is subject to excessive ponding in times of heavy rainfall, you may need to protect your condenser. Although it should be able to survive standing water of a few inches, it’s best to turn the air conditioner off and wait till the water goes down and the unit has had a chance to dry out before turning it on again. If flood waters are deeper than that, you should have the unit inspected before turning it back on. You may also want to look into moving it to a higher location.


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