How HOA Affects Your HVAC Requirements

How HOA Affects Your HVAC Requirements

How HOA Affects Your HVAC RequirementsThe Homeowners Association (HOA) for your condo may have some things to say about the way your property looks and how you maintain it. But the tradeoff is, if something breaks down in so-called “common areas” in your complex (i.e. areas shared and accessed by all residents), then it’s the HOA’s responsibility to fix it. Furthermore, what you may not realize is that those common areas include things like central air and ductwork.


So what, exactly, are they required to do for you with regards to your HVAC system? It depends on what kind of agreement you have. Here are the three most common maintenance agreements and the HVAC requirements attached to them:

Reactive maintenance

This is the simplest agreement. If something breaks down, your HOA sends someone to fix it. This could include patching leaking ducts, investigating poor airflow, replacing parts in the central unit, and more. But nothing gets done until someone specifically reports a problem.

Preventative maintenance

In order to tend to HVAC requirements smoothly and efficiently (a primary goal for HOAs), it’s often necessary to do more than just fix things as they break. It’s in the association’s best interest to keep your system in good shape, so that it lasts a long time, works effectively, and saves energy. Therefore, a preventative maintenance agreement includes things like regular inspections to make sure the system works properly, and an annual tuneup for both your A/C and furnace. Parts are oiled, dust is removed, and components are replaced as they start showing signs of wear and tear, before they break down and cause bigger problems.

Predictive maintenance

This takes preventative maintenance a step further. By keeping a maintenance log of past problems with a particular unit, dates of maintenance and service it’s received, warranty information, and other important data, technicians can deduce the problem faster and solve it more efficiently – even to the point of pinpointing potential breakdowns before they happen.


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