Why the Right HVAC Placement is Key

Why the Right HVAC Placement is Key

Why the Right HVAC Placement is KeyYou just bought a new HVAC system. Now where do you put it? In the attic or the basement? On the roof, or on the ground? You may not realize it, but the placement of your unit can impact its performance and efficiency. Here are a few tips for optimal HVAC placement:


Most modern A/Cs have both indoor and outdoor units. For HVAC placement, we’ll start with the outdoor. On a hot day, direct sunlight can heat up your system, making it take longer and use more energy as it tries to cool your home. Therefore, you should place it somewhere cooler, where it won’t be in the sun. This is generally the north side of the house. If you put it on another side, you can try creating shade by planting trees around it, but this doesn’t always work, as shade moves throughout the day.


But do you place it on the ground or the roof? On the roof, you won’t see the unit, and it’s harder to access. So if there’s a problem, you might not notice it or be able to deal with it right away. Then, by the time you call an HVAC expert to fix it, it’s gotten worse, and more expensive.


If you put your unit on the ground, make sure it’s slightly elevated, and keep the grass and other foliage around it neatly trimmed, so that it has a one foot clearance on all sides. Otherwise, that grass and foliage can impede the airflow, wasting energy.


So what about the indoor unit? A lot of people put theirs in the attic. This can be a great way to save space. Unfortunately, HVAC placement in any enclosed space could cause hot air to build up, which then ends up in your home, making it more difficult to cool. Wherever you place your unit, make sure there’s good airflow and ventilation, and that it’s easily accessible for repairs and other maintenance.


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