Installation FAQs: Radiant Floor Heating in Your Georgia Home

Installation FAQs: Radiant Floor Heating in Your Georgia Home

Installation FAQs: Radiant Floor Heating in Your Georgia HomeThe Peachtree City area’s mild winters call for gentle heating that’s hard to get from a typical forced-air system such as a furnace. Radiant floor heating can provide that kind of warmth, but before you decide whether or not this system is for you, get clear on the basics.

When can I install a radiant floor?

Radiant flooring is easier to install while the building is still under construction and before the floor has been finished. These systems are frequently retrofit into existing homes, but doing so requires tearing out the floor and replacing it. That increases the installation cost and time, and creates inconvenience. If you’re building a home or home addition, decide whether or not you want radiant floor heating early in the construction process.

Which type of radiant system should I choose?

There are two common types of radiant floors: hydronic (water) and electric. Each has its pros and cons. A hydronic system is usually the most energy-efficient choice, but it requires a boiler to heat the water that flows through the tubes under your floor. An electric system needs only electricity to heat the cables under your floors, but because these systems are less efficient, they’re most often limited to small spaces, such as the bathroom.


Each system can be installed as a “wet” or “dry” floor. In wet installations, the pipes or cables are embedded in the concrete of the floor. In a dry installation, they’re installed in the space under the floor, which is better suited to retrofitting, but less energy efficient.

Which floor covering is best?

Radiant floors work best with flooring that conducts heat easily, such as ceramic tile, stone, concrete, laminate flooring, and engineered wood. Thin carpeting is acceptable, but thick carpeting interferes with heat transfer too much. Some linoleum can tolerate radiant floor heating, but natural hardwood is too easily damaged by heat.


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