What HVAC Needs Should You Attend to Before Selling Your Peachtree City Home

What HVAC Needs Should You Attend to Before Selling Your Peachtree City Home

What HVAC Needs Should You Attend to Before Selling Your Peachtree City HomeWhen you’re in the process of selling a home, there’s a long list of chores that you need to accomplish. Amongst these are steps that you must take to ensure that your home’s HVAC system is in order. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

Hire a Technician

You’re probably already aware that you should be scheduling a technician to perform a check on your HVAC system at least once a year. If it’s been a while since that’s been done and you’re close to putting your home on the market, give them a call. A technician will make sure that everything is running properly before any potential buyers come around to inspect the unit themselves or send their own technician to do it.

Replace the Air Filter

If a prospective buyer checks your air filter and it hasn’t been cleaned, he or she may suspect that the rest of your home hasn’t been cared for very well. Your system’s filter will typically need to be replaced every 1-3 months, but now is the perfect time to check its current state and switch it out if needed.

Test the Thermostat

You certainly don’t want your thermostat to not be working properly when someone comes to look at your home. Replace the unit’s batteries to make sure it’s operating at peak performance and run both the heating and cooling options to check that everything is good there, as well.

Evaluate the Ductwork

While it’s not likely that a potential buyer is going to check your ductwork on his or her initial visit, you might as well be prepared for future inspections. Any ductwork problems you find – such as holes or tears – should be fixed right away, whether you do it yourself or call a technician for assistance.

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