4 Ways to Prepare Your Fireplace for the Heating Season

4 Ways to Prepare Your Fireplace for the Heating Season

4 Ways to Prepare Your Fireplace for the Heating Season

A fireplace in your home provides heating as well as a cozy atmosphere. Before the cooler season begins, it’s important to check your fireplace for safety issues and get it ready for consistent use.


Here are four elements of fireplace preparation that will ensure safe operation as well as comfort:

Inspect and clean the chimney

Contact a chimney maintenance professional for an inspection for damage and a thorough cleaning. The inside of the chimney should be scoured to remove any accumulations of soot or debris that could interfere with ventilation or proper burning. Make sure any damage is repaired before starting a fire in the chimney. Burning gas or wood in a fireplace produces carbon monoxide, so check your carbon monoxide detectors before starting a fire.

Put on a chimney cap


nstall a chimney cap at the top opening of the chimney. These devices are usually made of wire mesh. They are intended to keep birds, squirrels, and debris such as leaves out of your chimney. Bird or animal nests or clogs caused by leaves could prevent smoke and exhaust gases from being properly vented through the chimney, so a chimney cap helps prevent these problems.

Open dampers

Make sure the dampers work properly and are opened before you start a fire. These devices open and close to control venting of smoke and gases. If the damper is left closed when starting a fire, you’ll likely get an uncomfortable backup of smoke inside your home.

Install a spark guard

Put a spark guard or other protective device in front of the fireplace. Sparks often fly out of burning fires, and if a piece of wood “pops” it could shoot a hot ember or burning piece of wood into your home, potentially causing a fire. A spark guard will keep sparks or hot embers from leaving the fireplace area and will reduce the potential fire hazards from fireplaces.


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