Should You Invest in Smart Heating?

Should You Invest in Smart Heating?

Should You Invest in Smart Heating?Improving HVAC system efficiency is a concern for many homeowners with the high cost of energy today. If you’re looking for ways to control your energy consumption and lower your heating costs without sacrificing comfort, you need to consider investing in smart heating technology.

Smart Heating System Technology Basics

Thanks to recent technological advancements, it’s possible to have an HVAC system that’s primed for efficiency with smarter controls and innovative equipment options. With smart technology, you’ll benefit from a heating system that’s also intuitive, responsive and more reliable too. The essential components that make up a smart heating system can include:

  • Adaptive thermostats
  • Variable-speed air handlers
  • Multi-stage furnaces
  • Intelligent zoning systems

Smart System Capabilities and Advantages

Control is a vital element in smart systems, so an adaptive, intelligent thermostat like Lennox’s iComfort is a key component that allows you access, program and adjust your heating system from virtually anywhere via a smartphone app. Intelligent thermostats provide many other advantages beyond remote accessibility though, since they can also:

  • Make maintenance ultra-convenient. An intelligent thermostat monitors your heating system’s operation 24-7 and reminds you about needed filter replacements and when preventive maintenance is due. It can also alert you and your HVAC contractor if an issue develops that needs immediate attention.
  • Streamline system functionality. Smart thermostats can communicate with other advanced components, like a two-stage furnace and variable-speed air handler, to streamline your system’s performance for optimal energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Improve air quality automatically. An intuitive thermostat can also track the indoor humidity level and outdoor pollen counts then cycle your dehumidifier or air cleaner to maintain healthy humidity levels or amp up filtration.
  • Optimize heating in multi-story/larger homes. If your system is zoned, a smart thermostat can also make needed adjustments to heat specific zones based on use and occupancy.
  • Maximize energy savings intuitively. Intelligent thermostats can also monitor when you’re at home or away using your smartphone’s built-in GPS, and automatically adjust your system’s output to save energy.

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