Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

Benefits of Regular Furnace MaintenanceWith winter approaching, don’t delay too long before scheduling furnace maintenance in your home. HVAC businesses tend to fill up their schedules as winter closes in, both with preseason tune-ups and calls for service when people’s furnaces won’t start properly. A professional furnace maintenance visit will achieve several important goals:

  • Improve energy efficiency, so you’re paying less in gas and electric bills from month to month. An efficient furnace also places less stress on important components and parts.
  • Prevent the risk of carbon monoxide leaks, fire and sudden loss of heat.
  • Find minor issues before they develop into large, expensive problems.
  • Improve comfort so you’re getting reliable, balanced heat throughout the home.
  • Reduce the occurrence of malfunctions and breakdowns, while extending the service life of your furnace.

What Does Furnace Maintenance Involve?

Inspecting the entire system.

During a comprehensive maintenance check, the technician should inspect your entire heating system, from the furnace blower (fan) to the ignition system, to the gas burners, to the heat exchanger, to the ductwork and registers. They’ll check electrical connections and make sure the furnace is starting properly. The thermostat also should be inspected for correct operation. During the maintenance visit, you’ll have an opportunity to mention any issues that you’ve been experiencing with your furnace.

Oiling moving parts.

During the maintenance visit, the technician should oil all moving parts (especially in the blower mechanism), check for secure electrical connections, ensure the electronic ignition (or pilot light) is working correctly, inspect the furnace burners to see that they aren’t dirty or corroded, and carefully inspect the heat exchanger for cracks or rusting. They should look at your furnace venting/exhaust system to make sure it’s tightly connected and correctly routed to the outside.

Replacing the filter, if needed.

Often, during furnace maintenance, the technician will bring along a furnace filter, with the intention of replacing yours. Though inexpensive, a clean air filter plays an important role in your furnace system, helping enhance energy efficiency, performance and comfort, as well as indoor air quality.

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