5 Green Heating Options for Your Home

5 Green Heating Options for Your Home

5 Green Heating Options for Your HomeGoing green is no longer just a trend – it’s a way of life. These days, people are being urged to make changes that will help improve the planet. You can do your part with the use of green heating; that is, the use of more environmentally friendly ways to heat your home.


Here are five techniques that many homeowners are turning to:

Solar Energy

If you’ve been thinking about going green at home, it’s likely that you’ve considered solar power. Harnessing the sun comes with numerous benefits, like the fact that the sun isn’t leaving anytime soon. It doesn’t take long before the system pays for itself due to lower energy usage.

Geothermal Energy

The heat coming from inside our planet is just as usable as the heat coming from above. A geothermal system is able to capture that energy and use it to heat a home at a lower cost than a traditional heating system.

Steam Heating

Unfortunately, steam is often overlooked as a way to heat a person’s home. Steam radiators, though, are becoming more popular as homeowners are realizing the energy and monetary benefits of these units. Yes, many steam heating systems use fossil fuels to power them, but advances in technology are considerably reducing this usage.

Radiant Floor Heating

Homes that have tile flooring are perfect for the installation of a radiant floor heating system, which you can install yourself or with the help of a certified HVAC technician. Radiant flooring will save energy and eliminate cold floors.

Masonry Heater

If you’ve never heard of a masonry heater before, you’re not alone. These heaters are popular in several other countries, though. They work by collecting and storing heat generated by burning wood. These systems are fantastic at heating homes and are extremely durable, but it must be pointed out that they are quite expensive.


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