What Makes Air Balancing Important

What Makes Air Balancing Important

What Makes Air Balancing ImportantFor consistent, efficient heating and cooling to all parts of your home, as well as a healthy indoor environment, air balancing is a vital part of the solution.

Air Balancing 101

A typical residential HVAC system, consisting of separate supply and return ductwork, circulates over 1,000 cubic feet per minute of conditioned air throughout the home. The system is carefully designed to match blower output with ductwork size and length, so all rooms receive appropriate air volume to maintain the thermostat setting. Air balancing is the process that makes that happen.

Why Air Balancing Important

  • When system air volume is unbalanced, certain rooms get too much heating or cooling while other rooms—particularly those located furthest from the central furnace or A/C—don’t get enough. Thermostat adjustments to make those distant rooms comfortable typically end up making the closer rooms too warm or too cold. An unbalanced system also results in longer furnace or air conditioner cycles, which raises operating costs and wear and tear on system components.
  • Air imbalance can also depressurize the house. The ideal indoor air pressure balance should be positive in every room. This means supply ducts deliver slightly more air volume than return ducts take out. In an unbalanced system, however, indoor air pressure tips negative. A depressurized house sucks outdoor air in through structural cracks, gaps around doors and windows and other openings. This makes the heating or cooling system run longer to compensate for cold or hot air infiltration. Depressurization also draws in outdoor allergens and other airborne particulates and may cause backdrafting of fumes from vented appliances.

Restoring Balance

To restore balance, a HVAC service technician utilizes specialized tools to measure air volume entering each room, as well as airflow in return ductwork. Supply airflow can be modified by adjusting dampers inside ductwork until each room receives the proper cubic feet per minute to maintain consistent temperature control and preserve positive air pressure. Blower output will also be checked and other contributing issues, such as ductwork leakage, will be addressed.


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