January HVAC Maintenance to Start the Year Off Right

January HVAC Maintenance to Start the Year Off Right

January HVAC Maintenance to Start the Year Off Right Your HVAC equipment needs year-round attention to keep it working at optional efficiency. Tackling HVAC maintenance in January gives you an opportunity to kick off the new year focused on energy efficiency, with the added bonus of greater home comfort. Here are some recommended maintenance tasks to keep your HVAC system running at peak performance throughout 2018:

Re-Assess Your Programmable Thermostat Settings

If you feel that you’re paying higher-than-usual energy bills this winter, take some time to reassess the temperature settings you’ve programmed into your thermostat. For maximum savings, you should use daily eight-degree setbacks for lengthy periods, such as all day when no one is home, and at night when the family is sleeping.

Install New Thermostat Batteries

When you’re already working on your thermostat settings, it’s a convenient time to put in fresh batteries. While changing the batteries won’t have any impact on your thermostat’s functionality most of the time, having new ones installed can give you peace of mind that you won’t lose all your programming and settings if there’s an unexpected power outage over the winter.

Check Your System’s Air Filter

It’s easy to put routine air filter checks and replacements out of your mind before and during the holiday season, but you shouldn’t neglect them any longer. You might think that replacing the air filter can’t be that big a deal, but operating your heating system with a dirty filter can impair its energy efficiency. If the filter is badly clogged and restricting airflow severely, it can damage key components or even cause overheating that results in a sudden heating system shut-down.

Give the HVAC Registers Some TLC

If you want to avoid temperature variations between rooms and difficulty maintaining comfort, you need to ensure that every supply and return register is clean, completely open and unobstructed.


This is easy to do; simply take your vacuum along and visit each room to clean the registers and check that they’re open and unobstructed by anything that might hinder airflow.


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