Tips for Staying Warm in a Winter Power Outage

Tips for Staying Warm in a Winter Power Outage

Tips for Staying Warm in a Winter Power OutageWe’re lucky to have relatively mild winters in our region, but even here, winter storms can occasionally wreak havoc. When that happens, it’s often the case that the power goes out just when we need it the most. The anxiety that arises in these situations is compounded in that we don’t know when it’s likely to come back on.

Here are some of the reasons a power outage may occur:

  • High winds knock down power lines.
  • Ice breaks power lines.
  • Trees knock down power lines.
  • Aging utilities’ infrastructure may break down.
  • Too much demand for power can cause blackouts.

Plus, your home’s power or heating system may decide to go on the blink just as the storm rolls in. Regardless of the cause, here are some things you can do to survive the storm.

Winter Storm and Power Outage Survival Tips

1. Prior to the arrival of the storm, stock up on necessary items: non-perishable foods, ice, batteries, fuel for alternative heating sources, first aid supplies, medications and gas in the car (electric pumps may not work). You will need a full tank of gas in case you have to evacuate, or to turn on the engine to charge electronic devices

2. Make sure you have enough blankets and warm clothes for all if you plan to remain in your home.

3. If you have no alternative heating source, and the power outage is prolonged, you may need to evacuate to a motel or to a friend’s home where there is power.

4. Plan for how you will protect interior pipes from freezing. Wrap them in insulation or 1/4-inch thick newspaper. Allow water to trickle through faucets.

5. Plan to cook outside on a grill or camp stove. Do not allow fumes from these appliances to waft indoors, as they may be giving off carbon monoxide.

6. Use battery-powered light sources.

7. Look into acquiring a standby generator. A professional should install it for you.

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