Why You Need to Change Your Air Filter Monthly in Winter

Why You Need to Change Your Air Filter Monthly in Winter

Why You Need to Change Your Air Filter Monthly in WinterEven if you put a brand new air filter in your HVAC system before the heating season started, you’ll need to do it again soon. In fact, you should change your air filter once a month during winter. Doing so provides your HVAC system and your Peachtree City home with the following benefits.

Longer HVAC Lifespan

Air filters that are clogged with dirt and debris force heating systems to work that much harder. This leads to additional wear and tear on these systems, which can cause them to break down earlier than expected. Putting in a new air filter each month helps your HVAC system run efficiently without undue wear and tear for a longer period of time. With new monthly filters, you can expect to wait longer before having to replace your HVAC system.

Lower Energy Bills

Having a clean air filter allows your HVAC system to run as efficiently as possible when it’s cold out. Since your heating system doesn’t have to run all or even most of the time to keep your home warm, you end up saving a considerable amount of your energy bills during the winter months. When your air filter is dirty, your heating system works harder and runs more often to warm up your home.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Running your heating system when you have a dirty air filter means that you’re allowing dust and other particles to get into your home. This lowers your indoor air quality, which can cause respiratory problems and other health issues for you and your family. When you change your air filter each month in winter, you’ll have cleaner air overall. This also helps keep germs at bay, so you also have a lower risk of catching colds and other viruses.

Make sure your HVAC system is ready for the heating season, so you don’t end up with unexpected repairs. Contact Powers Heating & Air to schedule an inspection and tuneup today. We provide dependable HVAC services in the Peachtree City area.


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