Fans to Compliment Your HVAC

Fans to Compliment Your HVAC

Fans to Compliment Your HVACSince it’s Olympics and March Madness season, when you hear the term “fans,” you might instantly picture an energized, cheering crowd. In your home, though, fans can be energy savers that compliment your heating and cooling system.


Here are some of the best household fans to help you save energy:

Floor Fans

There are an assortment of floor fans available in styles and sizes to suit different needs. You can choose from adjustable-height pedestal versions, space-saving tower fans, sturdy barrel or drum models, and high-velocity floor fans. The available features include multiple speeds, tilt or oscillating capabilities and perks like remote controls, timers and energy-saving modes.

Window Fans

Windows fans are ideal for ventilating specific rooms during the shoulder seasons when turning on your central A/C isn’t necessary. Typically, these units have dual, multi-speed fans that you can operate independently, and some have reverse function too, so they can expel stale indoor air or draw in fresh outdoor air.

Tabletop Fans

If you want targeted or oscillating airflow to cool the skin, a multi-speed tabletop fan may be ideal. These fans come in a variety of sizes and most feature a sturdy, stable base for use on flat surfaces like a nightstand, desk or countertop. Along with traditional plug-in versions, there are USB-powered and battery-operated models that offer greater ventilation flexibility.

Ceiling Fans

Running a ceiling fan in an occupied room can boost your comfort level and help you save energy. In warm weather, the spinning fan blades create a cooling effect, allowing you to raise your thermostat setting. In cold weather, simply reverse the blade direction and warm air rising to the ceiling gets pushed back down, so you can lower the thermostat setting. You can choose from a wide array of ceiling fan styles and sizes up to 55 inches, with or without light kits, and either remote or wall-switch controls. The most efficient fans are Energy Star-certified to meet the program’s stringent energy consumption vs. airflow standards.


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